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  • Lignano presentation

    Posted on January 13th, 2010 marco No comments


    The emotion of a vacation that understands you.

    Explains your wings and you choose a new vacation, flood of resources and the relaxation, rich of stimuli for adults and children of all the ages. You choose to spend your vacations to Lignano with your family, the friends, alone, and you will discover that your desires can be realized in a pulsation of wings.

    In a pulsation of wings you will reach Lignano, the beach of the adriatic one to the center of the europa. The routs of the highway, of the railroads, of the airport, of the boating they will easily conduct you up to destination, where you will discover whether to fully satisfy your desire of sea.

    Your desire of sea can space in three dimensions: Lignano Sabbiadoro, different and generous in restaurants, the relaxation, the shopping; Lignano Pineta, elegant city garden endowed with structures for every style of tourism; Lignano Riviera, luxuriant vegetation for a full contact with the nature. Three different tastes in an alone frame of sun, sea and unforgettable beach indeed.

    Indeed unforgettable it is the life on the beach from the elegant and gilded sand, that extends him for 8 km exhibiting every comfort for the baths of sun and sea, the game, the rest. You dissolves in clean and sure waters whether to swim, go around with the “mosconi”, to make trip in boat or aquatic sport of the dawn to the sunset.

    From the dawn to the sunset you can visit angles of calm and beauty in the district of lignano: the Lagoon of marano and her on oasis avifaunistica, site for the bird-watching, the natural environment of the Stella, an uncontaminated ecosystem; the city parks, endowed with spaces for the fun and the dreams of every age; the Park zoo aims green, that picks up animals and vegetation from the whole world in a small eden.

    A small eden of fun for everybody: Lignano has novelty to propose you to every time of the day and the night. It flies on the slides of the aquasplash, it takes off on the dance footsteps, merry-go-round to the moon park, run in bike on the waterfront, hovered live with the music: this and other for a diversion to the insignia of the comfort.

    Comfort is also a healthy physical activity. The beach offers you structures for all the sports, of the beach volley to the bottles, for all the tastes and all the ages. The schools of swimming, windsurf and sail don’t miss, the horseback riding, the sweater, the tennis, the skating, the relax of the thermal baths and, above all the nautical one: Lignano with his/her 6000 places boat, is the most important European pole for the recreation. So many ways to live great moments.

    Unforgettable emotions as those that Lignano promises you for the whole summer. Over 70000 places among hotel, apartments, villas, bungalow,camping and many touristic agencies to choose the style of vacation that more you like it, and to serenely live her/it, as a flight of gull. If you desire to know more address of it to us: we are already scrutinizing the horizon for you.

  • Lignano History

    Posted on January 12th, 2010 marco No comments

    The birth of Lignano tourism

    Lignano is born as tourist place April 15 th 1905, when four journalists of Udine are embarked to Marano with a group of characters and administrators of the Low friulana and three ladies on 6 boats decked with flags for landing on the extreme point of the peninsula where the barracks of the watch of finance already existed. Planted the three symbolic sprigs of juniper that the ladies had brought for the occasion, the first breakfast was consumed to the sack of the tourist history of our place. With the chronicle of the trip and the description of the quality of the sand and the uncontaminated beauty of the place, the first oppose tourist initiatives were born. After the reclamation of the Low Friuli in the ‘25, the opening of a road in the following year, the first modest plan regulator and the intervention of the state that built 2 km of waterfront as footstep for airplanes and the dock as idroscalo with the funds of the Office of the war, the 23 March of 1935, Lignano, become by now Sabbiadoro for the happy gimmick of a journalist, it was declared station of care and stay with the birth of the autonomous firm. In the ‘38 with the construction of the church of St. Giovanni Bosco on architect Cesare Miani’s project, Lignano became parish. Enriched him in the ‘53 with the project of the architect Marcello Di olivo, of the Lignano Pineta and subsequently of the Lignano Riviera, Lignano, later more than few struggles and a demonstration of strength that separated her, with the opening of the revolving bridges of Bevazzana, from the rest of Italy, it got the recognition of autonomous commune on July 21 1959.

    The places of Lignano

    Lignano Sabbiadoro

    To Lignano Sabbiadoro it had beginning the tourist development of Lignano in the first years of the century. Some hotels: Friuli, Victoria, Central, Pineta, Marin, Stella, Baths, Rizzani; a dozen of villas, a sea hospice, a bakery and a butchery, constituted with the bathing establishment the tourist residential to the burst of the first world war. A slow development, accelerated by the reclamation of the Low friulana in the ‘25, from the construction of the waterfront and the dock in the thirties and, with the official recognition in the ‘35 of tourist place with the institution of the firm of stay. And’ in the ‘38 that the parish church is built now replaced by the new one. Other meaningful work, in the ‘39 the inauguration in the uncontaminated landscape of the Pineta of the sea colony of the G.I.L. now ownership of the EFA. Dispersed sopratutto by Trieste (also the direction of the RAS was transferred to Lignano) and the soldiers they were the “holidayers” from the ‘43 to the ‘47, while community grew of exiled istriani at the end of the second world war. The development, before modest in the years ‘50, turned him into building boom in the years ‘60, bringing Lignano, with the new installations of Pineta and Coast, to the actual expansion and receptiveness, so much to place in the first places in Italy for number of presences.

    Lignano Pineta

    To separate Sabbiadoro from Pineta there is a vast green zone that understands the rigged Camping sabbiadoro, the colonies EFA-ODA, a small village for handicapped and you bandage it residential of Lignano garden. The apportionment of Pineta, is born in 1953, with the original project planned on a spiral that has characterized has made Lignano Pineta famous in the world. Precursor of the times, Pineta, in his native formulation for the wish of the building activity to make with the respect of the environment compatible, foresaw the approval of the projects before from the well common of Latisana, from which Lignano was fraction, from the homonym society private owner of the area. Divided in the eight zones, with characteristic different edificatorie, Pineta is characterized, to the center of the spiral, from a long snake of commercial buildings that unties him from the pink plaza of the winds where the church of the redeeming Christ rises, to the great Plaza of the sea that directly leans out on the beach. Initially reserved to a clientele of elite, with great hotels lignano and villas, with to vary some indexes of edificability, to come in against to the applications of the tourism of mass, Pineta, today also in his condominiums, preserve the initial charm in the arcs, rays and dens, as the smaller streets of this fascinating environmental urbanistic reality are defined, that entertains in the ex zone destined the park to camping Hemingway.

    Lignano Riviera

    Last born, to west of Pineta, in origin south Lignano. On project of the architect Luigi Piccinato, Coast, with his respectful characteristics of the green and the environment, he notably also differentiates in the urbanistic layout of Pineta, for the viabilità, with his stradines to blind fund and a series of pedestrian runs in the green, perpendicular to the beach. A further push to affirm him of Lignano as international beach, the society Lignanos gave with the construction of the thermal baths and the circle foreign, destined to welcome that casinos, that the town administration and the firm of stay have not given up asking. Also to coast, that entertains in the green of the wood, directly on the adriatic one the camping Pinomare, and on the tagliamento, the docks, the hotels, villas and condominiums they offer a holiday when it ever varies and satisfying, today enriched by a vast park devoted to the UNICEF and from a modern commercial center.